Welcome Growers!

Planning is underway for the 2016 Comprehensive ElderBerry Workshop & Field Tour, with added bonus–a beginner’s workshop on Thursday.

For a couple of years the planning team has been aware that some of new growers orientation was cutting into time for other areas of interest to experienced growers, so this year we settled on a plan to correct that problem.

We hope the new format will serve both our new growers well, and provide a more informative workshop for the experienced (as well as any new growers that wish to attend).

Another change in format is this: on Friday morning we will not start the workshop at Bradford Farms, but ask growers to show up at a couple of elderberry fields on their way to the workshop. We simply do not have the means to bus you all to these off-site locations, (the added expense is awful). But we feel it will be beneficial for you to make the slight detour to get to these fields.

When you’re done, we’ll serve you a big lunch at MU Bradford Center!

As usual, we are looking forward to seeing you, hearing about your successes and issues, and helping you find the answers to your current questions, while providing the best and most up-to-date elderberry information available.

Bookmark this page and return from time to time to see who is speaking and learn more about our field tours.

Until then, stay warm, be safe.

Happy Growing!!

Your ElderBerry Workshop Team–Deni, Terry & Kendal